Neptune's Pride 2 Wiki

Achievements can be found at the bottom of each player's Empire Screen. They are based on the account used to sign in, not the game-by-game aliases.


The number of games the player has won.


Players earn Rank for completing games. The winning player earns 1 point for every player in a game. The runner up receives half a point for each player, and the player in third place receives a quarter point for each player. Scores are rounded down to the next whole number.

Players who are dropped from the game for inactivity earn no rank.


Renown is how you reward the other players for being good opponents. A player's renown carries over from game to game. Once awarded, these cannot be taken back.

Examples of when to award renown to a player[]

  • A player who makes good strategic decisions. A tough opponent.
  • A player who sends you the technology or money you desperately need.
  • A player who sends you polite, colorful, diplomatic messages.
  • A player who is nearly defeated but fights till the last ship.
  • A player who won't settle for second place and will turn on his allies for a chance to win!

Players may also be awarded Renown by the game administrators for helping find bugs in the game, suggesting new features, promoting the game to their local community, or anything else that might make the game more successful or more fun for everybody.